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The H.O.U.S.E. Inc. was incorporated in June 1996 in Charlotte, North Carolina to market its fitness program for youth. Since its inception, the program has served over 7,000 children throughout the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area. H.O.U.S.E. Inc. utilizes a super-hero called AEROBO COP™ who brings a physical fitness, nutrition and safety program to children ages 4 through 12. The program is designed to help students through education, understand the basic principles of these important aspects of life. It also seeks to address some of the children’s key social development needs.

Benefits of the AEROBO COP™ include instilling respect for authority and encouraging students to stay in school.

The organization seeks to introduce and reinforce in children (and young adults) social skills, respect for authority, non-violent problem solving and the avoidance of substance abuse and tobacco products, and to increase awareness of the resources available to them to assist dealing with obstacles in everyday life. The human character behind the costume has been authorized by the North Carolina Department of Human Resources – Division of Child Development to present certificates of completion for children and/or child care providers throughout the state of North Carolina.

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